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What's D-I-M

The Project

The Team Behind D-I-M





Axel und Henning Ricke

Ever since childhood-days the two brothers have been making movies. Starting out with Playmobile-figures as protagonists they soon started to force their friends in front of the camera. Their projects became more demanding every time. Now both of them stand on the threshold of the film business. A barrier they hope to cross with D-I-M. Axel, after majoring in American history, philosophy and journalism started work as script analyst in the drama department of Berengar Pfahl Film GmbH.
Henning chose the more direct approach and enrolled at the KHM film school in Cologne, Germany. He plans to graduate in 2007, becoming a director.
When it comes to scriptwriting or directing the brothers do everything in mutual consent, nevertheless certain points of focus have developed for the two. Axel is taking on the duties of production while Henning is the visual visionary. Because of this special focus he works with the postproduction team on realizing the CGI-elements of the film.

Marc Meester

Since 1997 he has been a permanent part of the Rickebros-Team. In the beginning his contribution was limited to providing sound and music for the films the brotherd would bring him. Soon though, they learned to appreciate his talent for organization. He became location manager, line producer and PR manager in one person. In the production of D-I-M some of these jobs went to other members of the team and so he can focus on his original field of expertise again, writing and producing the films music and developing of the soundscape and effects.

Thorsten Franzen

After he graduated as designer Thorsten has made his passion for film his profession. He is working as production and set designer. Together with Henning he developed the unique style of D-I-M and personally saw to it, that his designs came to life during set construction

Patrick Waldmann

The audience can only see what the cameraman lets them see. Director of photography Patrick Waldmann decided to frame the elaborate production design in cinemascope and brought to life the sets and characters with his lighting concept. He managed to depict the dark side of the gleaming white world of 2075 and found a unique visual style for D-I-M.

Das CGI Team

Deus in Machina is nothing without its digital imagery. Right from the first stages of concept for the project it was without question that the pictures Henning and Axel had in their heads could not be brought to the screen without the help of computers. Almost all shots in the picture need digital setdressing, 3D drones and vehicles or digital matte-paintings.
Fourteen students from the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences have taken on this monumental task. With unbroken enthusiasm and tenacity they model, animate, track and key to bring to live what otherwise would be too big, too expensive or just plain impossible to film.
Without their work everywhere in the picture great green holes would gape. If D-I-M will eventually flicker on the silver screen, they will have spent more time and energy than anybody else on this project.